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Want to reduce pollution?  Want to involve your business? Have any great ideas to share? Just want to say hello :)

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Maia Maia is an community-run Emissions Reduction Currency System started in Perth, Western Australia

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The Boya
Are you concerned about the environment? 3 out of every 4 Australians say that they would make a “greener” choice if it was easily available and all else was equal.

Could that choice be your shop or business?

How does the Boya work for your business?
Maia Maia (a non-profit organisation not associated with government) has created a “carbon emissions reduction currency” called the “Boya” which rewards groups and individuals who have reduced their carbon footprint or taken positive action to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Shops or businesses that accept Boya -- and offer a discount on their goods or services -- are providing a tangible reward to those people who have shown that they care for the environment. These people will be looking for places to redeem their new currency – places that share their commitment to the environment. By rewarding these efforts, you will, in turn, be rewarding yourself, your family and your community with a cleaner environment and you will increase the goodwill of the community towards your business.

It is that simple.

How much will it cost?

That is your choice.

What are you already prepared to offer in trade? Does your business offer ‘mates rates” or do you already honour special discount coupons or do you run periodic specials? We leave all that up to you.

Getting your business listed on the register of businesses accepting Boya is free and there will also be opportunities to become a Maia Maia Business Partner which will further increase your business’s profile.        

How will people with Boya find you?

This is the exciting part – Maia Maia and our IT partners are busy creating some revolutionary tools to help the vendors, community and sponsors promote themselves and their messages out to the general public. One of these tools lets people scan a Boya with a smart phone and be taken to a note-specific website telling the story of that note – where it has come from (and potentially where it has been as it travels around – including your shop or business!).  

As a recipient of the Boya your business can become part of the story by giving it to others, exchanging it for discounts at other shops, or donating it to worthy community groups or valued customers.  Remember that a Boya does not give a “permission-to-pollute” so keeping it will not make you carbon neutral – the purpose is to keep the “good news” story moving to encourage others to get involved.

What do I do now?

Advertising that you will accept boya at your business, or for a personal service, is easy. Simply type in what you are willing to offer for boya in the social media box below. Use the "comment using" selection box to make your offer part of your Facebook pages or other social media sites. If you want to make an offer to target a specific issue of the boya you can add your offer on the page for that issue.

Things to consider in your offer are:

- The name of your business

- The offer being made - "We will give 1 dollar off any purchase over $5 in exchange for 1 Boya until June"

- Your business web site address

- The web link to the google map location of your business so people can find you.

When a customer brings in a Boya, honour it with your discount or reward -- that is all you need to do. You have the ability to delete any post you put up at anytime.

If you are interested in sponsoring a community to issue boya, donating your own greenhouse gas reductions to a community to help with their Issue, or to join our Business Partner program contact Drew Phillips at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone at 0412 345 736

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