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Maia Maia is an community-run Emissions Reduction Currency System started in Perth, Western Australia

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What is Maia Maia?

It is often said that the solution to climate pollution is to be found in many small everyday actions.  

The problem is that these small actions are not connected to one another and do not inspire further actions.  Right now when someone does something good the story does not become part of a bigger story.

The Maia Maia Emissions Reduction Currency System (ERCS) is a tool that can help people in communities combine the stories of their environmentally friendly actions together into a single story for the community. This story is printed on a durable form of local currency called the Boya that then can be gifted or traded with others so that the story can circulate in the wider community.  

Each Boya , when scanned by a smart phone such as an iPhone or Android, enables the holder to add themselves to the story over the Internet.  In this way our individual stories of doing the right thing for the planet can link up into a giant collective story that can inspire real change on the scale of the whole Earth.

How does it work?

A community, such as a school, decides to work towards reducing their environmental footprint.  An effective way to pull people together is to set a simple target with a plan of how to get there.  Since most environmental actions (planting trees, composting for vege gardens, reducing power and water use,  installing energy saving LED bulbs and solar panels) also reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  By setting a target of reducing a set number of tonnes, such as a 10, 50 or 100) of greenhouse gases over a period such as a school term, the community can work together to reach milestones and celebrate success together.

Calculating greenhouse gas reductions using standard formulas signed off on by the United Nations is generally straight forward, such as multiplying the amount of electricity savings by a factor.  Another simple multiplication of the tonnes of emissions reduced, based on various scientific studies, estimates the positive change in the Earth’s temperature.  As emissions savings occur the community tracks their progress on an Upside Down Thermometer which is a visual representation of how much they have reduced the temperature of the planet.

In order to reward the community for their hard work, an amount of Boya currency is printed based on the amount of greenhouse gases reduced.  Since scientific and economics studies approved by the United Nations have shown that each tonne of emissions causes on average $100 of damage to the world economy, each tonne of emissions reductions allows the community to issue 100 boya.

What can you do with a Boya?  

There are four things a Boya can be used for that we know of right now, although we imagine people will come up with other uses.
1. You can keep a boya.  Boyas have a beautiful design are printed on durable paper similar to real money.  They are a tangible reminder of the good work you have been a part of and link you to the stories of you and your friends which can always be added to.

2. You can gift a boya.  Do you know of a person who has done something good for the environment or for the community.  Thanks them by giving them your boya so they can link their story to yours.

3. You can swap a boya.  Maybe a friend would like to swap your boya for something they own but don’t use so much that you might like.  Recycling our stuff is a fun way to benefit the environment since new stuff does not have to be created from scratch.

4. You can spend a boya.  It is simple for shops to advertise what they will exchange for your boya on the website.  This can be easily reached through scanning the code on your boya or visiting the website yourself.  This is a great way for shops and business to get involved in supporting the community and becoming part of the story.

The important thing is to keep the story on the boya moving and growing.  In this way our social handprint will grow while our environmental footprint shrinks.  This approach, called the whole systems approach, is essential to creating real and long lasting change.

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