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Maia Maia is an community-run Emissions Reduction Currency System started in Perth, Western Australia

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Issues - Boya stories

How do we create a Boya?

A boya is issued by a community that works to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint.

The idea is that working together we will get further than working alone.

Step #1 - Identify your issuing community

There are only two entities in Maia Maia that cannot be an issuing community - an individual person, and a for profit business.  The first is obvious as there is no such thing as a community of one.  Why not a business?  Basically, we are trying to encourage the development of civil society.  There are plenty of other opportunities for businesses to get involved.  

Other groups such as schools, universities, clubs, churches, NGOs and charities, local councils, or employee groups within a company all qualify as issuing communities.

Step #2 - Create a Carbon Reduction Plan

One problem with trying to achieve global warming outcomes is that they are not clear cut and can seem nebulous.  A plan, such as the one below, gives everyone something to shoot for and success along the way can be celebrated by giving out boya.  A useful tool to communicate your progress is the Upside Down Thermometer

Step #3 - Issue your Boya

This is the fun part. Based on your Carbon Reduction Plan a number of Boya notes are printed. Hooray! You have just printed your own money. How cool is that! 

You will need to provide a couple of things beside your plan. These are:

  • Your story.  Both a short version (less than 200 characters) to be printed on the note, and a long version that can be accessible through the QR Code link to your Maia Maia web page.  This page can, besides text, contain pictures or video and links back to your main website.
  • Your communities logo.
  • A signature, name and title of someone who from your group who has authority in the group.  This signature authorises the issue of the Boya by the group.
  • Logos and names of any sponsors (up to two).  A sponsor is any organisation or individual that wants to pay the costs associated with printing the Boya and/or contributes to paying for the carbon savings such as from tree plantings.
  • Finally, we will need hard data backing up your achievement of the plan.  This goes into your groups methodology (created by Maia Maia for you) and will go on the website thus validating your boya.  It is very important to provide this as not doing so leaves the whole project open to criticism.  Most of this data is easy to come by.
Step #4 - Recognise and Reward Yourselves With Boya
as you work your way through your carbon reduction plan your community can celebrate their achievements to date by noting progress on an Upside Down Thermometer and handing out Boya.  There is no set rule for how to do this.  You may choose to reward specific individuals for extraordinary volunteer service, or you may divy up the boya among all members of your group.  The important thing is to make a fun occassion.  You have contributed in a positive way to the future of most living things on the planet.  That is worth having a party.

Step #5 - Find Others To Share or Trade your Boya With

Once you have a Boya what do you do with it?

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